Architectural aluminium systems

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CORTIZO differentiates itself by internally completing the integral cycle of the production of aluminium, ensuring rigurously in each procedure the quality of the methods and materials employed throughout all of the process.


 Foundry, extrusion, powder coating, anodising, chemical brightening and fabrication are all carried out in their production centres in order to optimise the quality of its end product ranges.

CORTIZO positions itself on its own manufacture of all the necessary components for the production of building enclosures (hardware, polyamides and water tightness gaskets) as well as Composite Panel.

The CORTIZO integral service is completed by a pioneering logistics system based on Automated Profile Warehouses, both in mill finish as well as finished, with a capacity of 6,000 metric tonnes of the most common references, cutting lead times to the clients and maximising production levels.

A fleet of more than 70 CORTIZO trucks that are charged with the responsibility of making sure that the final product arrives to the client with the utmost reliability and immediacy.

GLOBAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF 90,500 metric tonnes/yr.


13 Extrusion presses

5 Anodising plants

15 Powder coating paint plants

3 Fabrication centres

2 Foundry 

Chemical brightening plant