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Bi-Fold System

Bi-fold system with Thermal Break specially designed to cover large gaps with the most avant-garde aesthetic.
Its design is distinguished by its versatility. It has a great range of configurations of up to 14 sashes outside and inside opening, with possibility of even or odd number of sashes.
With the objective of facilitate the access to the rooms, it allows to insert the bottom frame in the pavement, leaving the threshold completely hidden. Additionally, the rollers and wheels are hidden in close position, providing a more attractive and clear aesthetic.

Technical Data

Accoustic insulation
Maximum glazing: 45 mm.
Uw from 1,1 (W/m²K)
Please consult typology, dimensions and glass
Opening possibilities
Folding up to 14 sashes.
Apertura #3
Sections / Profile thickness
· Frame – 73 mm.
· Sash – 73 mm.
Profile thickness
Door 1,8 mm.
Polyamide strip length
Frame 20 mm Sash  30 mm
Maximum dimensions - Maximum weight
Maximum dimensions
Width (L)= 1.200 mm
Height  (H)= 3.000 mm
Maximum weight/sash 120 Kg
Please consult regarding maximum
weight and dimensions for other opening types
Categories achieved at test centre
Air permeability
(EN 12207:2000): CLASS 4
Water tightness
(EN 12208:2000): CLASS 9A
Wind resistance
(EN 12210:2000): CLASS A3

Security Test
(PAS 24:2012): Apt
Reference test 2701 x 2517 mm. 3 sashes.
Configuration 330
Possibility of dual colour
Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Bi-Fold System

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